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About us

 A young and fast growing Canadian food manufacturing company that aims to give its consumers the best in Plant Based frozen snacks, savouries and authentic sweets, every single time.

What We Do

We work closely with you and co-pack or co-manufacture your food product according to your customised specifications.

When you allow us to co-pack your product, you are assured a consistent and cost effective quality product. This lets you manage your time and resources into promoting and distributing your product effectively! We sweat for you! Let us take care of all your production woes! You stay out of the kitchen and can take advantage of our manufacturing expertise.


To be a responsible manufacturer of quality food products and become market leader in the products we offer.


At White Gold Food, we are constantly striving to maintain a healthy balance between the wholesomeness of the old world kitchens and the prevalent popular trend of the grab-n-go quick food

While we never compromise on quality or take any shortcuts when preparing our products, we also understand that time is money, and don’t shy from using newest technology and automation. The end result is the same taste as the food from our grandmother’s kitchen that we all remember and love so much, which is brought to your table a little quicker!

Savouries and Sweets

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